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Is it important to work with a CPF® Fiduciary?

Do I really need a Written Income Plan?

Can I afford Long Term Care?

Why do I need a Portfolio Strategy?

- The Scary truth -

​As a group, our clients usually have many of the same concerns, which we see time and time again:

How to make their life savings safe and secure, while ensuring a lifetime income.
Taxes - Especially the likelihood of future increases.
Inflation - how to keep current buying power forever.
How to choose the correct Social Security election (irrevocable).
How to replace income if they lose a spouse.
How to guard against the costs of a catastrophic illness.
How to leave IRA monies tax free to spouses, children or grandchildren.
Overcome These Concerns!
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About Us

At Cannon Financial Group, our commitment lies in putting our clients first. We are dedicated to finding the best solutions for every individual we serve. 90% of our focus revolves around retirees and those who are approaching retirement (within 6-8 years).

At Cannon Financial Group, we believe in adopting a personalized approach that centers around the unique needs and goals of each client. Our comprehensive services cater specifically to retirees and pre-retirees who meet certain criteria. By thoroughly assessing their objectives and requirements, we can develop a dynamic plan tailored to their aspirations. Moreover, we actively collaborate with our clients throughout the implementation process and continually monitor the plan's progress to ensure their ultimate success.

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Dream It

Schedule a call today, and share your goals & dreams. We want to fully understand your vision for your retirement.

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Plan It

With your goals in mind, we will plan your retirement dreams into clear action steps.

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Love It

While you enjoy your retirement, we will regularly monitor your plan to help ensure it stays on track.

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About Charles & Team.

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Charles Cannon

President - CFP® - Certified Financial Fiduciary®

"At Cannon Financial Group, we give retirees in our community
peace of mind. With everything going on economically,
politically, and globally, our goal is to help clients make smart
decisions about their money, mitigate taxes, and create
reliable, sustainable inflation adjusted income that lasts as
long as they do." - Charles Cannon

About Charles Cannon
Leslie Husarenko

Leslie Husarenko

New Business Specialist

Leslie Husarenko has extensive experience working in the financial industry for the past 25 years assisting top producers with client services. She has tremendous experience with Life products and is a registered insurance agent. She is known for her friendliness and knowledge assisting new clients with our onboarding process, she makes it her mission to address and solve customer's questions efficiently.

Leslie is a proud mom of three and has six loving grandchildren, on weekends you will find Leslie cruising around on her boat enjoying the island life.

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Leslie Husarenko

Leslie Husarenko

New Business Specialist
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Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez

Case Design Advisor

Lisa has been in the industry for over 18 years. As a Business Development Advisors she helps advisors keep up with the changing market of annuity, life and asset-based LTC products and bring a wealth of product and case design concepts. She compares the many features and parts of each available product options, rates and riders in order to determine which vehicle is the best fit for the advisors clients.

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Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez

Case Design Advisor
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James Jurica

James Jurica


James has worked in the financial services industry his entire professional career starting right out of college. He has a passion for working with clients and helping them achieve their long term financial goals. His main area of focus is on the investment management side of financial planning. James has a focus on risk management and wants to ensure that during the investment process, the focus stays on reducing risk and volatility in clients portfolios while still achieving the returns needed to accomplish the objective of the client.

James has achieved the Certified Financial Planner CFP®, less than 10% of all financial advisors are CFP® and this advanced training and education allows James to provide the highest quality service and value to clients. He has also achieved the Chartered Financial Consultant CHFC®, Chartered Life Underwriter CLU®, and Retirement Income Certified Professional RICP®. These designations have given James more training and insight on a wide variety financial planning areas. James is married to his wonderful wife Abbey and they have a 1 year old son together and enjoy spending time at the lake together.

Advisory services offered by Wealth Watch Advisors, LLC. Wealth Watch is an independent advisory service and not affiliated with Cannon Financial Group nor any of it's affiliates. The company, and its investment adviser representatives, may not accept orders to affect purchase or sale transactions, accept funds, securities, or similar instructions via email or voicemail.

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James Jurica

James Jurica

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Nine Tips To Help Navigate
​Your Social Security Decisions

Charles Cannon - CFP®, Certified Financial Fiduciary®

These eye-opening points could mean the difference ​of thousands of dollars to you in retirement.

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Charles Cannon

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